Having an adequate product basket across different assets classes, risk profiles and by different companies is very crucial to offer holistic, unbiased and need-based structured solutions or strategies to clients. We proud ourselves in providing our clients with a single point, unrestricted access to a rich basket of growing financial & non-financial products.

Mutual Funds
We have all the mutual fund schemes on offer by virtually all the Asset Management Companies (AMCs) in the country. As a client, you can access any scheme with us in an Online Demat /Stock-Exchange mode with Trading Account services.
Capital Market - Direct Equity & ETFs
We also offer our clients with NJ E-Wealth A/c services through one of the India's leading & highly reputed distribution houses. With the same, you will have easy access to capital market products of direct equity stocks and Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs).
Fixed Income Products
We also offer clients with diverse fixed income products, namely Non-Convertible Debentures (NCDs), Infrastructure and RBI Bonds, Company Deposits, etc. from some of the leading companies, institutions in India.
Portfolio Management Services (PMS)
We offer Portfolio Management Services (PMS) strategies with direct equity and mutual funds as the underlying products from the leading PMS providers in India. Some of our PMS strategies are exclusive in the market which can only be subscribed through us.
Real Estate
In addition to financial products, we also offer access to real estate properties as investment opportunities to our clients. Few of our products are exclusively offered by us in the market.
Life / Health Insurance
Experience quality risk advisory and management services with our insurance solutions. We offer the best of risk management advisory available in insurance. LIC/New India/Star Health being our major reliable advisory product.
Loans / Loans Against Securities
Personal Loans, Home Loans and a concept called Loans against Securities are appended in our rich basket.Loan against securities helps you get Loan at 10.75% against your Equity Mutual Funds* Units at a minimum of 2 lakhs.
Will Writing Services
Financial planning includes three broad categories that every financial planner should look into (i) Wealth Creation (ii) Wealth Protection and (iii) Wealth Transfer. We at PriFinserv, strive to provide complete financial planning platform of the customers by providing solutions that will help fulfill GAPs in financial planning of the customers. Will Writing Service is one of them. 
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