Why should we be your financial advisors /product distributors? This is a very relevant question to ask us. And given below is our answer.

Client Centric Approach:
All our offerings are designed keeping you in mind. Your long-term interests serve as the 'primary' influencing factor in our recommendations process.

Rich Product Basket:
We offer a single point access to multiple financial products with a holistic need-driven approach & not product centric approach.

Focus on Customer Satisfaction:
We come equipped with the right attitude, people, processes and technology to ensure higher levels of satisfaction and service quality. In transactions, we work systematically to find & ensure quick resolution of any queries or complaints.

Value Added Services:
Our Services ensure comfort, convenience, confidence, and control to you in managing your wealth. You would enjoy being always updated of your investments, anytime, anywhere.

Right Experience & Skills:
We have over 25 years of experience in financial advisory and products distribution space. Our experience, qualifications & skills enable us to understand you and your needs, and then offer you the right strategies & solutions to achieve your goals.

Driven by Passion:
Serving clients are our passion and the reason why are in the business. Nothing excites us more than helping our clients achieve their financial goals and dreams in life with our support.

Free-for-Life Account: NO HIDDEN COST
Your mutual fund investment account with PriFinserv is almost free-for-life*. There are no account opening charges, transaction or maintenance fees. You also get to benefit from our industry and market timed financial advisory services at no cost.

Expert Advisory: Always at your Service
Every investor with PriFinserv gets a dedicated investment advisor. You can choose to benefit from the expertise of our certified investment advisor or get instant mutual fund solutions on the go, in minutes.

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